International Relations

How Trump’s Budget Proposal Could Affect Average Citizens and the Country’s Hegemony

After the US elections in November 2016, the results of the Electoral College shocked people around the world. Trump’s way of capturing his target audience has convinced people that the United States needed a radical change, even if it meant electing a candidate with no political background. His slogan “Make America Great Again” was not just a fun play of words, but it was a strong statement against the previous democrat administration. In the budget, President Trump proposes that “This Budget’s defining ambition is to unleash the dreams of the American people.

What is, and what is not, Security Studies?

Saying that Security Studies is a sub-discipline of International Relations in fact does not tell us anything.

Security Studies reviews the security on the international arena and its players. Also, it includes world trends related to security, and causes that provoke them. Security Studies tries to determine why an international actor has a behavior, and this scope encompasses: High Politics, Central government debates, and pivotal to the priorities that they establish, what essentially is the security matter.

Conflict theory as preceding step to Security Studies - Analysis

Security Studies gives us lights on threats which endanger a referent object in International Relations; however, it only displays, before an unskilled eye, the comportment of actors during conflicts. Only the iceberg tip that is not enough for performing an analytical study, and of course, not adequate for distinguishing some tangible causation of such conflict. To dig deeply in conflicts, and before going toward Security Studies’ analysis, one preceding step is needed for unmasking the true origin of an explicit conflict.